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If selling your vehicle has not been quick or easy, consider Oregon Roads. We buy and consign quality vehicles, like yours.

For your convenience we keep it simple.

Come in for a 5 Minute Appraisal

We’ll look it over

We’ll discuss the vehicles value with you

You think it over


Vehicle sales are complex transactions and retail dealers can be frustrating. Oregon Roads is an independent agency. We hope to make a friend with every transaction.

  • Has your vehicle been mechanically inspected and detailed? This is expected in order to sell it at retail value.
  • Are you familiar with the processes at the DMV? Failure to promptly re-register is a liability.
  • Do you hold a title or is there a loan payoff? Loan payoffs can take up to a month to receive the title.
  • Are you comfortable having your personal information handed off to the new owner? Your name, address and personal data are on the title and in the vehicle’s electronic memory. How do you protect your identity?
  • Most buyers need financing and usually have a trade-in, which drives them to dealers.
  • Is your schedule flexible so you can meet strangers to show them your vehicle?

These are all items that you need to deal with, or we can do it professionally for you.

When you work with Oregon Roads, you work with a reputable and reliable agency. Time is money and we won’t waste yours. Sell or consign your car today!

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