Interested in purchasing or leasing a pre-owned vehicle? Call us, or email walters@oregonroads.com to make an appointment to speak with our Used Car Manager about purchasing a used vehicle, or email joy@oregonroads.com to talk about leasing.


There are 3 pre-owned vehicles sold in the United States each year for every new vehicle sold. Some suggest the ratio is even higher than that.

Why are pre-owned vehicles, A.K.A. used cars, in such high demand? Price is the obvious reason. That translates to affordability. Depreciation is the single largest part of our automotive expenses, and a pre-owned vehicle is pre-depreciated. With new car average transaction prices cresting $37,600.00, used vehicles are the only option for many consumers.

Sometimes however, the lowest cost vehicle is your most expensive option. Mechanics charge in excess of $95 per shop hour. Service and parts are expensive, not to mention down-time. If you turn the key and your car doesn’t start, have you missed an important meeting or lost the confidence of your co-workers? Missing a promotion because of an unreliable car will cost you considerably more than any savings in the price of that car.

How does one strike the balance between price and dependability? Agencies, firms and brokerages are available to help with financial planning, taxes, employment issues and all the areas surrounding making money, so what about spending money? You have Oregon Roads!


Do you know what the monthly payment would be on the car you’re considering? Why not? For most consumers it’s the payment, not the price, that determines whether it fits in the budget or not. Oregon Roads is a financing and leasing company and we’re happy to arrange pre-approvals and disclose payment info at the very start of our relationship. The banks and credit unions that buy our contracts offer their very lowest interest rates to our clients, and the combination of a good price and rate result in the lowest payment. Your option is to either save those dollars or go ahead and buy more car.

The primary focus at Oregon Roads is leasing and finance. We sell new vehicles and RV’s, so our used car sales represent only about 20% of our business. They are our riskiest sales, because problems can ruin one’s reputation. So we are select. We sell our lease returns. They are the highest quality used cars available. Unlike the average trade-in, where a consumer has been advised to get out of a car because of more problems in the near future, a lease return is available because the contract has expired. The contract obligated our good credit lessee to maintain the vehicle responsibly and disclose any issues, even though repairs may have been made.

The rest of our used car inventory includes the trade-ins we decide to keep and resell due to their good quality and value, lease returns and other fleet vehicles from our partners in the business, and select consignments from our clients. Client companies routinely ask that we turn their cars into cash for them, knowing that our available, on-site financing will help us sell them quickly.

Our vehicles are inspected by independent shops, not by our own mechanics who may overlook certain questionable items. If any of our used vehicles would benefit from a “certification” or service contract, we sell them at auction instead. Those insurance products add considerably to both the price and payment. There is no substitute for quality!

That’s correct – we sell our junk at auction. Other dealers do too. Repossessions are sold at auction too. If someone didn’t make their car payment for 6 months, knowing that it would be repossessed, do you think they changed their oil? Most other dealers fill their inventory with auction products, but we’ve learned the lesson “a good place to sell a vehicle is not necessarily the best place to buy one”.

Many consumers go to a retailer because a vehicle has been advertised which they would consider buying. But advertising isn’t designed to “deliver”.  It’s intended to generate traffic for the store.

Used cars are the biggest profit center for new car stores. People can look up data on new car costs and invoices, but they never know what a dealer has paid for a used car.  Most of our clients come to us asking instead of telling. They ask about the best value, give us a payment target, and talk about fuel economy vs. cargo capacity, as well as any other criteria on their list. We may have something for them in our inventory. It happens. More frequently we share our lists of available wholesale units from discount suppliers, liquidated inventory from dealers, lease and rental returns, and fleet vehicles until we find a match. We have satisfied clients because we helped them figure out what they want and what they can afford, and we found the right vehicle for them. It might take a little longer, but the least happy buyer is the impulse buyer. Our clients need to be satisfied, not just today, but down the road too.

We invite you to peruse our inventory, but do keep in mind that we’ll happily find whatever you seek, not just offer you one of the few cars that are available immediately.