Interested in leasing a new vehicle? Call us, or email jm@oregonroads.com to make an appointment to speak with Joseph about the process. He has 30 years of leasing experience. Don’t hesitate to use the instructions on the New Vehicle page to build your desired vehicle.


Fortune 500 companies have vehicle procurement divisions and fleet management offices.

You have Oregon Roads.

Buying, financing, and selling fleets of vehicles are the responsibilities of specialized subsidiaries of large corporations. The other divisions remain focused on generating revenue.

You, as a medium or small business, professional, family, or individual, must use other methods. While you concentrate on making money, Oregon Roads is focused on managing your transportation expenses.

Just like a corporate executive, you can make one phone call and have all these advantages:

  • accurate information about products, including pricing and availability
  • independent cost/benefit analysis
  • 20-30% lower monthly payments
  • fixed expenses for budgeting
  • risk management – resale value is insured
  • administrative assistance with details – titling, taxes, insurance, warranties, etc.
  • accelerated tax savings

Individual consumers get a retail lease at a retail dealer.  Oregon Roads gives you fleet buying power, credit, and the financial expertise demanded by businesses.


Oregon Roads’ expertise is available to anyone!

There are, after all, good leases and bad leases. We know how to be your guide through the potentially confusing parts of a lease, such as: tax ramifications, the term, service, early termination, mileage limitations, and purchase options. We know how leases are negotiated.

We work for you. We’re not car sellers. We’re car buyers. On your behalf, we buy a car, arrange the complex terms and conditions of your lease, and eventually remarket it to your advantage.

To ease your transition into leasing, we’ll also sell your trade-in. We hope it’s the last time you have to dispose of a used car.

You’ll have a lot of questions about leasing. We have the patience and information to see if vehicle leasing makes sense for you.

Call 1-800-944-0227 today with your questions or to arrange an appointment for your personal transportation cost management analysis.


Oregon Roads makes ordinary cars and trucks affordable. Want something extraordinary?

The vehicles and equipment you consider essential, your bank may deem impossible.

Oregon Roads is your source for hard-to-finance leases.

Special vehicles

  • Motor homes and mobile offices
  • Oven-equipped or refrigerated delivery vehicles
  • Truck-mounted cleaning equipment
  • Bin packaged vans for the trades

Special situations

  • Unlimited mileage leases
  • Tranfers and relocations
  • Prepaid leases
  • Non-profit corporations

Special needs

  • Customizing for different physical abilities
  • Vanpools and buses
  • Excavators, backhoes, and forklifts
  • RVs and boats